Sloppy Bonnie

By Krista Knight and Barry Brinegar

Deeply moved by some long-forgotten Julia Roberts vehicle, special-ed teacher Bonnie (nee Bonita aka ‘Sloppy Bonnie’ when she’s drunk), sets out on what she hopes will be an inspirational road trip to be with her fiancé, who has ghosted her ever since he left for a revival retreat in the mountains. But at every stop, her day-time tv femininity, spells disaster for all in her path—for everyone and everything between Sloppy Bonnie and the one who’s getting away. Her arrival brings reckoning and closure as she forces her lover to face the victims of his ghosting. A fable on the dangers of female subordination. A one-woman (plus) play about feminine toxicity with a country western Marilyn Monroe as a hapless serial killer. A country western fable on the dangers of feminine toxicity.