Ruben moved from Galvez, Mexico to live with his grandmother in the ripe strawberry fields of Central California.  His grandmother wants him to get a girlfriend; his friends tease him for being reclusive. Ruben decides he must stop assimilation/evolution and spikes his grandmother's pies with birth control just before the pie-eating contest. Pressure builds for him to adapt—for him to become an American. But Ruben will design another way.


A kinetic romp through emotion, motion, and exercise. A control-obsessed aerobics instructor tries to dig up her past and stop her brother from marrying his internet fiancé while simultaneously teaching a step class. Memories of burying both her dog and her father keep resurfacing while she tries furiously to stay in control. She traps herself in a perpetual physical and mental cycle as her world palpitates and then arrests before her eyes.


Two sisters are trapped in Basmanny, Utah, taking care of their 16 year old sister who is incapacitated in a wheelchair after being attacked at the zoo. Both older sisters work from home as telephone operators for a holiday supply company and are competing for a promotion to the company's headquarters in Moscow, Utah.